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Visa Application

Visa Application

Visa Application for US universities can be tedious and confounding. Abroadpath is designed to assist prospective students to obtain student visa through different sources, including online application and documentation. Our Academic advisors provide educational resources about the visa application process. Visa application process is done after admission offer (I-20) from the University and you have to apply online. You will get assistance from our qualified team member in Kathmandu.

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United States offer three student visas types including F, J, M.

F-Student Visa: Application to study at an accredited US University or college

J Exchange Visa: Student Exchange program participation including high school and University Study

M Student Visa: Non-Academic, vocational training or study in United States.

After acceptance of your enrollment, you will be registered for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). When you receive I-20 and register in SEVIS, then you will apply for US visa.  You must present the form I-20 to the consular office when you attend your visa interview.

How to apply?

1.    Complete online visa application form

Online visa application, Form DS-160. After completing this application form, bring the confirmation page to the interview

Photo: You need to upload your photo while completing this application.

Photo requirement: color, no glasses, taken within 6 months, Full face view facing directly to camera. Head should be 50-69% of image. 2 X 2 passport size.

2.    Schedule and Interview

Wait time for visa application differs from season, visa category and location. Interview should be scheduled at US Embassy. Early application is always good. 



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