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Abroadpath is a Nepal based educational consultancy. We also have working locations in the United States. We have our Team members in New York, Texas and California.

Abroad education is a dream for many students, where they work hard to pass with flying colors. Though they get higher grades and better aptitude test scores, they often end up with inappropriate universities in foreign countries. Applying abroad studies is a cumbersome task, that’s where we play an integral part to direct, guide and walk with you in your entire application and visa processes.

We are a team of trio, who have excelled in their academics from the reputed and well accredited universities  in the US and Europe. Having about a decade of engagements in academic spheres, we are delighted to advice students to mitigate their admission challenges and requirements in overseas universities. We believe in advanced technologies to solve human’s frustration. Before establishing the foundation of abroad path, we have been working individually to guide students for their application and visa processes. Student have been experiencing many impediments during the phase of application through their destination, where they physically present and pursue their higher education clutching their dream. 



Kathmandu, Nepal

We have a office location in Putalishadak, Kathmandu, Nepal

Texas, USA

Our US headquarter is located in Texas, USA

Bharatpur, Chitwan

Regional headquarter is in Bharatpur, Chitwan


Regional headquarter is in Butwal, Nepal

Revolution in Abroad Studies process.

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Krishana Guyawali

Krishana Gyanwali

Senior Education Consultant

Dr. Kishor Kumar Gautam

Senior Academic Advisor

Er. Shyam Sedai

Strategic Academic initiative

Anil Sapkota


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