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Test Preparation

Test Preparation

Each University in the United States has their own requirements. Some requires SAT test, and some does not. Standard English proficiency score such as TOEFL (US based English Proficiency Test) or IELTS (UK based English Proficiency Test) is often required. TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language and IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. These are the tests, universities require to assess your English ability for enrollment in program and admission. If you have not taken standard English test, based on their university’s policy few universities evaluate their admitted student’s English proficiency after their arrival. Abroadpath strongly recommends students to have their TOEFL or ITELTS tests. Indeed, it is your personal decision.

We know how to help you

Abroadpath provides a platform where you can prepare your test sitting at home. Our high-tech facility would save your time and money as much as possible. Instead, you can utilize your commute time for your studies. We offer virtual classes i.e. online classes to prepare you robustly with minimal cost. Abroadpath adapts the advanced technology to have hassle free test preparation and registration process.  


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