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Evaluating admission and scholarship offers: Abroadpath Team helps out to make final selection and planning for the changeover from high school to college life.

Transition to University from high school allows us to acquire the knowledge, training and skills necessary for our future career development. Applying in US Universities is simple process, but it’s at all times tough to know, where to begin and how to find best American University and which subject to focus on. Higher education studies in USA regulate their own admission requirements.  Non refundable fee (range 35-150 dollars) requires for each program registration form.  In addition to your application process, University may require key documents to review all your grades in your high school. Certified transcript through USEF (US University Education Foundation) is required for consideration or by asking your specific high school to send their academic transcript directly to concerned university.

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Application essays, Scholarship and Financial Aid

Scholarship in United States is one time financial aid, (on average from 500 dollars to 5000 dollars). It depends upon student’s previous academic achievement, excellent English knowledge, alongside previous work experience and volunteer. It is one time award for academic excellence, extracurricular and other sporting activities. However, scholarship for Master’s and Doctoral programs is higher with respect to undergraduate programs.

Majority of University in US offers scholarship, however the preponderance of them are aimed at specific profiles, particular level of studies and best students only.

Different types of scholarship

1.       Full scholarship: Offers comprehensive coverage of registration fees, as well as partial or complete coverage of cost of living. These spot are generally reserved for excellent students all around the world with highest academic achievement.

2.       Partial Scholarship: Offers only partial part of your studies and some cost of living

3.       Country specific scholarship: Local province government or other financial aid organization may or may not provide financial aid programs to international students.

4.       Scholarship specific to you vocational studies, training or volunteer: These scholarships are extremely rare only for specific artists, researchers or young entrepreneur. 



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